Why it works.

It’s not that people are jerks and don’t want to get along.

It’s not that they’re willing to settle for relationships that are less satisfying than they could be.

IT’S THAT PEOPLE DON’T HAVE A PROCESS — a way to deal with conflict.

MEDIATOR IN A BOX™ GIVES YOU THAT PROCESS, on your own time, in your own way.

You wouldn’t fly without something you trusted to get you back to land.

You wouldn’t go underground without some way to get back out.

Getting along with each other is the last frontier. It can be an arena full of strong emotions and unpredictable outcomes that we may not like, and may not have the power to control. We’ve all had plenty of experiences with conflict that didn’t go very well.

So we avoid it.

At home, at work, at school, we hope we’ll get along; we expect it to just happen. When it doesn’t, we find ourselves unprepared and unarmed, without the necessary skills or a road map to get us out.

MEDIATOR IN A BOX™ IS A ROAD MAP. When people disagree, they need a framework that guides them through conflicting ideas and strong emotions towards solutions that work.

Don’t go into the arena without MEDIATOR IN A BOX™.

It will help you solve it, understand it, or just talk it through. It works.

Without it, people just argue.

If you want a better way, USE THIS BOX.