Mediator IN A BOX® has been distributed across the United States and Canada, as well as internationally in Australia, Belgium, Costa Rica, Finland, New Zealand, and Singapore. Groups and individuals who have opted to BOX•IT•OUT!® include conflict resolution professionals, counselors, parents, couples, teachers, kids, roommates, ministers, lawyers, probation officers, human resource professionals, and community mediation volunteers. Join us. STOP ARGUING. BOX•IT•OUT!®

Mediator in a Box has the potential to make massive changes in how our young generation will interact with the world and their own children in the future.”

“I’m a probation officer and cognitive-behavioural intervention coach. I was excited to learn about Mediator in a Box and even more excited when I saw how it works! I love the surface simplicity of the process and its solid grounding in the principles of conflict resolution. The ‘What’s Happening’ and ‘Flipping Feelings’ resources are great, especially the ‘If only you would’ page. You’ve done a terrific job on that particular resource. It captures the subtlety of ‘I want’ vs ‘I need’ brilliantly. There are so many venues where Mediator in a Box could be used. I think every primary through 12 classroom should buy one– if this were taught in schools, my caseload would probably be half of what it is. It’s a great product for families with children, and couples counsellors and self-motivated couples could put it to good use as well. I use the principles with my clients to teach respectful conflict resolution. This box can teach some very powerful communications skills that will lessen conflict and help people resolve it in a positive way when it does arise.”

“Our family was going through a difficult and very emotional time dealing with my mother-in-law’s increasing memory loss. For over three years the extended family held countless meetings to discuss what should be done to help the situation. Mediator in a Box gave us a discussion process to separate the key issues from the emotional issues. Using Mediator in a Box we had a breakthrough meeting and my mother-in-law is now receiving proper 24/7 care at a Memory Care Center.”

“WOW and WOW. I just used the box– it is amazing– I love it! Every family and classroom ought to have one. So well done!”

“The presentation was very interesting and involving. I especially like knowing the distinction between ‘dispute’ and ‘conflict.’ I look forward to my box, and thank you for putting such a useful idea into practice.”

“It makes a great tool for wedding planning! We used it with a simple question on which we have some difference– what kind of a reception do we want to have? It was really wonderful how the process opened up some real differences in perception we had, assumptions we were each making, etc. We got a lot of clarity and of course, learned more about each other. So well done, the box is a very interesting and useful tool.”

“We have not tried it yet. I have it on display on my coffee table because the packaging and design are so impressive. We will get around to it … we are not quite as organized as the game! Meanwhile, it is a talking point.”

“I CANNOT WAIT to use this toolbox. I am a mediator always looking for new ways to help others (and myself!). I heard about your product through the Victoria Mediators Lounge through someone I know on Facebook.”

“Your product is simply outstandingly well thought out, functional, and organized extremely accessibly both for those who are trained in mediation, and for ‘newbies’ to the process.”

“I love your business idea, and your simple, clear product. I’m a trainer and facilitator and my friend and colleague recommended you to me. She’s our specialist in mediation, but I figured I could catch up to her a little if I had the right tool belt!”

“I’m looking forward to testing out Mediator in a Box with my dear wife, when we next have a head to head ‘discussion’ that involves ‘percussion.'”

“Here in the Pacific Northwest, water views, and neighbors’ trees that block those views, are a constant and contentious issue. When my neighbor and I sat down with Mediator in a Box, I was feeling pretty hopeless. She wanted trees, I didn’t. What’s negotiable about that? We just jumped in and began. When she opened by saying those trees represented the spirits of her ancestors, and that was VERY IMPORTANT, my spirits sank even lower. But as we worked through Mediator in a Box, a funny thing happened. I was stunned when this solution emerged: we discovered she’d actually prefer to replace her trees with a circle of low, native rhododendrons around a lovely stone bench, forming a contemplative space. I got my longed-for view, and she got a much better place to honor family.”

“It is an exquisitely illuminating road map through very complex and difficult terrain. You have made the complex simpler, the fearful more friendly.”

“We learned about some of the underlying issues of our conflict. Some of the issues related specifically to the conflict, and others are common issues in our relationship. Seeing this distinction shifted the problem solving focus for us in a helpful way.”

“It’s accessible, not intimidating. The process was very sound and helpful, once we were into it.”

“I used Mediator in a Box with my daughter, a junior in high school. We have a very good relationship, but a few small things were building up (at least from my perspective). Some were simply irritating, like leaving her things around the house for days, and some were topics where I just wanted to know what she thought! I felt out of the loop. When I tried to talk to her, she would engage for a few minutes, and then head out of the room; she wouldn’t stay long enough to listen to anything I wanted to say. I asked her to try Mediator in a Box. I had no expectation of getting anywhere. We sat down and jumped in. We used only 4 cards- we didn’t need a solution, we just needed to talk. I was blown away by how the conversation unfolded. In about 20 minutes we had covered everything I wanted to talk about- for the first time I felt like she actually heard me. That was all I wanted. The issues were small, but important to me. It really cleared the air.”

“Thank you; I look forward to receiving and using what appears in the online videos to be an outstanding product. I think you rocked it!”